One-input System

David Allen has said in his book, Getting Things Done, that the edges have become blurry in knowledge work. Many of us work with information. At the end of the day, you have produced more focused, directed information for yourself or someone else. You are moving information around all day. You are receiving information.

In knowledge work, you can likely be twice as productive. It requires personal processes. What happens when you get something new? An email, memo, or verbal instruction? What system does it enter? Is your personal process consistent and predictive? Such a system would give you peace of mind as you work and more capacity to be ready for anything. For starts, try to minimize the number of places where you get stuff. Commit to one place. If you use Outlook, it may be your inbox. Email yourself tasks or reminders. Get an efax account and fax yourself paper documents that will come to your email. Minimize the number of collection points as a start. From there, the process begins. You can learn more at my resource page for how to keep a ZeroInbox here.

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3 thoughts on “One-input System

  1. Don, what you present here is enormous! Since you have been coaching me in this area I have taken great strides in freeing my mind of all the clutter of remembering this or that by creating “personal processes”. I now have with your assistance developed a new skill which has allowed me the benefit of having higher levels of peace of mind. I haven’t arrived, I just feel like I’m graduating to new levels of thinking that spur on new personal growth and productivity. Thank you.

  2. Don,

    I just got Getting Things Done mailed to me. I’m excited to work throught it. I’ll give you a call when I finish. I’d love to bounce the ideas off you. Thanks.

  3. Don,
    The system is excellent. In fact, the only trouble I’m finding with it is the mushrooming task list at first. I’m starting to see them dwindle though and am able to process information on a more day to day basis, rather than being overwhelmed. I look forward to more sessions and a greater understanding of these efficient work flow processes. Many thanks.

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