What’s My Need? Wow ME!

Every day you do something you affect someone. What a great opportunity! It is an opportunity to create wow. What is wow? It is not simply getting the job done. Getting the job done is a “B” in my book. It’s good, but it’s not an “A.” An “A” goes beyond getting the job done. It’s about meeting the need of people involved in getting it done. It’s about how you get it done. Needs that people have are usually unspoken. Sometimes people do not know they have the need. It is the experience a person has when they interact with you or buy something from you. Do your coworkers experience wow? Does your boss experience wow from your work? What about your clients? Let me illustrate:

Your boss asks you to deliver the task of getting a report to a partner company about your business. How do you do it? Do you simply email a copy? That is getting it done. Do you email a copy and let your boss know you did it? That’s taking some care and meeting his need to know it got done. What about emailing a copy, letting your boss know and preparing the report on high-quality paper that is catchy and sent FedEx? Or also putting in a thank you gift certificate for doing business together? Wow can be simple. It can be elaborate. It can be fun.

How does wow happen? It starts with how you think. If you are just about getting things done, then it’s about you. If it is meeting needs – your customer, your partners, your co-workers, or whoever the task affects – then it is about the other people involved.

Don’t just get it done. Get it done with wow. Meet needs and delight people. That’s excellence.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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