Defining Moments

It was fun watching an old movie the other night, Tin Cup. I loved seeing Costner’s character, Ron McAvoy, the anti-hero in the movie. Though he appears slovenly and unmotivated, he is quite the opposite. He lives for the defining moment. He is challenged by the conventional wisdom of his golf peers constantly. There are certain shots to play in certain situations and Ron McAvoy chooses the risky way often times. It’s not a matter of the result, it is the matter of what the moment does. Here’s a response he had to one doubter on why he takes the shot:

“Because that shot was a defining moment. When a defining moment comes along, you define the moment…or the moment defines you. I did not shrink from the challenge, I rose to it.”

I love it. It is funny, it happens every day to us. These defining moments do define us and we often choose to take the path of less risk. What would happen when we succeed and conquer fear? Or overcome challenges? Or do the nonconventional? We are redefined. That is the path to greatness.

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One thought on “Defining Moments

  1. What an inspiration this article was for me this morning. I choose to live for defining moments! When you live this way it makes you answer why. For me personally I am willing to face the adversity that is before me because it gives me the ability to further my success, to keep moving forward. Without those defining moments we thwart real success in our lives. It’s not the cush living, that can be a by product if we are fortunate. Success is facing the defining moments with resolve to the reason you are willing to face those moments and then doing so. Thanks Don for your thought provoking wisdom.

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