Your Agility and Your Ability

Think about the year 1996. 10 years ago, what were you doing? Did you use your cell phone nearly as much, if you had one? How about email? What about a web site? Or online banking? Now think about the year 2016. What do you believe will be different?

Too often people are focused on their ability. This is a good thing; however, the better thing is agility – your ability to change to the demands of reality. Are you constantly growing and able to incorporate change? Or are you finding yourself posing and pretending in situations which are new or risky? Your agility is the factor which will allow you to thrive. Without a constant attention and desire to change, grow and be agile, you may be overcome by the rapidity of the new economy.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

3 thoughts on “Your Agility and Your Ability

  1. Don: I enjoyed meeting with you today as well and would like the opportunity to do so again—I am a firm believer that our thoughts create our reality— I have been working on setting up two appointments with 2 different individuals forr several weeks now ( after having initial cnversations with both) and I have only been able to leave voice messages–When I came back to the office after our uplifting meeting, I was able to reach both of them. I have appointments with each of them this week to discuss further business.

    We get caught up in our days that at times we are not able to be agile in our thinking or we choose not to.

    We all have the ability—Positive thought attracts positive action—In past workshops I have taught people the art of manifesting what they want in life— There is a “mantra” that I go by…. I am a magnet for good and positive thought, I am a magnet for good and positive action, I am a magnet for good and positive people- For all that I wish to manifest, I am in a state of receivership…..So be it!!!

  2. 2006 begins the baby boomers turning 60. Many companies and individuals are trying to capture this wave of consumers moving through life. I would suggest that rather than try to catch them, look into your practice and see what you can do to get in front of the “Boomer Wave”. Being in front, and as Don says “being agile” will have the wave pushing you towards success!!

  3. Maximus Effortus

    Did anyone see the 60 Minutes piece on Russell Crowe Sunday night? It was interesting to see what one of Hollywood’s best actors had to say about himself, and the way that he works. Two quotes really rang true as

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