Reward Only Please

Pursuing your passion is a dangerous venture. It usually requires a determination to break from the gravity of self-imposed fear and doubts. It also means dealing with the the critics. Pioneer new ground and you will see them appear out of the woodwork. However, the true winner knows these forces of adversity will come with the territory.

I find myself in a lot of coaching conversations dealing at the crossroads of a person’s belief system. Every one of us has an internal slope of risk. It can be tilted in a variety of ways. Some have their slope at a steep incline with more risk and in turn enjoy more reward. Others have a flat line. “Give me a guarantee of pay or time in exchange for my freedom.”

If you are a risk taker, beware. There is a crowd of subtle opportunists awaiting you as well. As you take more risks, there are those that will recognize and admire your reconnaissance. In fact, in their fear they can even live vicariously and exploit you. You can bear their risk while they get the reward. Whether you want that or not is up to you. However, it is important to recognize and see the pursuits of your life with eyes wide open. If you are a giver and willing to give the rewards of your personal risk freely to those that do not pay the price, then that can be both noble and dangerous. Noble in the fact that you exemplify giving. Dangerous in that you are on the path to resentment. In effect you become the fabled golden goose that has long coattails for any freeloader to ride.

My encouragement is seek to win and be a giver. Keep the heart soft but the mind clear. Be a business person with heart and a clear head. Recognize the risks you take. Recognize the reward also and how it is distributed. Seek for fair. Be mindful of the takers in life as well as the winners. They both show very different character. I cheer you on in your growth and your desire to make a difference.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

One thought on “Reward Only Please

  1. Don, I really appreciate your wisdom on this topic. There is certainly in many people a crisis of confidence. This has led many times to increased cynicism and alienation to those who live in their passion by these types of people who see the glass half empty. This is where I see the role of values becoming more salient. Living in our passion is not a slogan but a process and a set of practices. The process and practices are not right or wrong. It’s all in the perspective. I choose. People give processes charge. Our choices are in favor of more risk and greater freedom or less risk and confinement (stablility). The reality is how I practice (play) will determine just how I process it all. Risk doesn’t just happen, it is a set of processes, a mindset where you’ve already determined the reward, and you settle for nothing less. It doesn’t mean you always win. It does mean you know what you want and what you are willing to risk or not risk.

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