5 Tips to Deliver a World Class Seminar

Since we live in a knowledge economy, what would be of greatest value than packaging and sharing knowledge? You can see the multiple ways that we do this at AscendWorks. I was recently asked about how to deliver a seminar to grow your business. Here are 5 tips that need to be part of your plan to connect and bring value:

  1. Change the World. If you only provide information and there is nothing that changes in your audience, then you wasted your time. True value will show up in concrete action. Sell the action in addition to building your case.
  2. Communicate With Class. Use a system like Cvent or professional communication templates that are delivered on schedule and timely to create anticipation for the event.
  3. Have More Than Your Skin In. What are you worth? If people are arbitrary in their attendance, this is because you communicate other things in their lives are more important. This likely happens because you lack execution in #2 above. What would cause the registrant to have skin in the game, preferably positive incentive? There a myriad of ways to do this.
  4. Don’t Let Them Forget. Create a framework and a sheet that allows the audience to follow your flow. This needs to be like everything else you do – first class. It is your brand. Anything the customer sees, feels and touches is your brand. Do you care enough to own the right position in their minds?
  5. Work Hard. Your competition is your competition if you work just as wanting as they do. If you are half-committed to your show, do yourself a favor and don’t start. It is just a hope and fad that will not work. If you are committed to being the best, then the stepping stones towards your success and reputation are going to appear through your diligence. Outwork everyone you know.

What a privilege it is to deliver a world class show to people who crave knowledge. My greatest satisfaction is changing the world. Be clear on changing the course on someone’s life and let your seminar become a tool to deliver that value.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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