Solving Problems

One of the key ways to find out if you are a winner is to observe how you attack problems. The mass of humanity is addicted to comfort. They make excuses or blame others in solving problems. It does not matter whether the problems are business, financial, relational, health, working hard or anything else that causes us to think, act, or decide. The bigger and more complex the problems you solve indicate your leadership and inevitable ability to win. Life is one giant problem. Things do not go the way we plan or desire ever.

Two words that are key to anyone’s success that few people are able to do: HARD WORK. The other two words are KNOW HOW. Without these as part of your approach to life, you are merely selling, conning and positioning to get the benefits winners effuse without paying the price. Thus, you are in that mode Thoreau lamented: a “life of quiet desperation.” Start adding value and get out of your laziness, lest your life be built on compromise, desperation and scavenging.

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