When You Are A Stranger

When You Are A Stranger
Do you look forward to hearing your phone ring?  If you are receiving a sale, the answer is, yes.  If someone is trying to sell you, then you might not be so eager.  We are all doing one of two things every day – buying or selling.  Depending on which side of the equation we are engaged in, our posture changes.

There used to be days when the salesman would visit with their suitcase full of goods to a country home.  They were welcomed with lemonade on the front porch and the seller and buyer would sit and talk.  The stranger became a friend.  That was under different circumstances:

  1. There were less choices
  2. There was less accessibility to information about goods and services
  3. The salesman became a source of information to educate
  4. The buyer had less to do
  5. Time moved slower
  6. Trust was built through connecting personally
  7. Sales was a social event

Fast forward to our modern society and our behaviors and the dynamics between buyers and sellers have completely shifted:

  1. There are too many choices of what you offer
  2. Information is a button click away
  3. The web is a source of information.  People love self-service.
  4. The buyer feels interrupted.  There is too much we all have to do.
  5. Time blurrs together
  6. Trust is built on positioning and credibility of social networks
  7. Sales is an experience.

It can be argued that today’s successful salesperson may not fare so well in the society of yesteryears gone by and vice-versa.  However, the challenge still remains the same.  How do you become a friend to your customer?  People buy from people they like and people they trust.  The good old days afforded more luxuries to allow people to connect and build trust.  The new economy demands that:

  1. It is easy to do business with you
  2. You stand out
  3. You make the buyer feel important
  4. You deliver a sales experience, not a sales transaction
  5. You help the buyer buy
  6. You do not sell
  7. You do not make someone feel sold
  8. You are always changing
  9. You have systems not sweat
  10. You are strategic not tactical

In our business, we see people who are continually lost in the wake of the new economy.  They think they can do business like the good old days; however, everyone else around them is buying and selling with a whole new interaction, process and approach.  Irrelevance threatens their business staying-power.

While the principles remain the same – we want to connect and buy from friends we trust – the techniques to make this happen today are completely different.  If you try selling as a stranger, you lose.  When you cold call, send mass mailers or advertise without permission, you are a stranger.  You are not selling the way the new economy works.

To connect and become a friend requires much more strategic systems, thought and know-how.  This is what the winners do.  Everyone else is just busy and not wanting to think about the shortcomings in their approach.

The truth is that millions of dollars get exchanged in your market or industry every day. If you are not capturing a larger share, look at how effective you are at turning strangers into friends in your sales process.  Therein lies the battle.  Want to know how to put it all together?  Take a next step and connect with us.

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