Control Before Perspective

Everyone is overwhelmed.  This I know from working with clients through thousands of hours of consulting.  The information age has entirely new rules and many people are stuck using the training, thinking and methods of the industrial age.  The world is only accelerating.  You may wish for the good old days, however, that reality is as real as going back to high school.  Speed and execution are what continually differentiates individuals and people.  As our economy is exposing the shortcomings of business models and people, the tsunami of change will cause a lot of soul searching for those who have been pretending rather than growing.

Here’s the best advice I can give if you are stuck and have not come to terms with reality.  You need to get control first.  This means getting rid of things that used to matter and now don’t.  This goes for your workspace to your business.  Perhaps  you  have paper files everywhere.  You can easily implement a digital and searchable database of your files.  Or you may have a server with an IT guy hooked to it running some archaic software in your business.  Put it all in the cloud and get things done instead of worry about systems breaking.  You did it with your online banking.  Why not do it with your business?

We are not going back.  The only choice is to change.  Or the other strategy is to persist in pretensions.  That will only last so long.  I vote for changing.  It’s a lot less painful.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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