Getting Out Of Your Own Way

If you had a blind spot, how could you see it?  First, it requires humility.  You have to be able to recognize your limitations.  It is something very few people are able to do.

Second, there are two choices when you run into your limitations – work harder to improve or hire someone that has talent where you lack.  Imagine the wasted cycles and false hope you will have if you continue trying to be something you are not or work at something that a  younger, faster, more talented person can easily accomplish.  It’s not good business sense.  Stay in your sweet spot and get help sooner than later to get to your goals.  Today, the consequences of not making wise decisions has much greater impacts as the pace of business has escalated.  It’s a less forgiving economy when others have moved on to choices that are convenient and accessible.  Sometimes, the best action is deferral.

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