Missing The Customer

It is not hard to find bad service in a given day.  It is pretty commonplace and we have all experienced it.  The epidemic seems to arise from a crucial part of our humanity – our inability to transcend ourselves and think of others.

I had a funny experience at the post office the other day.  I watched a continual drudgery unfold right in front of me and the line of compliant customers begrudgingly tolerating disrespect and rudeness from the postal clerks.  Everyone’s acting out their bad script.  When I got to the counter after an awkward confrontation the postal clerk had with a customer, she rhetorically asked me, “It’s not so bad, is it?”  I chuckled and responded, “Are you talking about the gauntlet we endure here?”  She did not know how to take it and mumbled as we transacted.  She stepped her game up for about 30 seconds.  She realized she had a customer, not an inconvenience, in front of her, perhaps for the first time all day.

We can count numerous inhumane and detached experiences in a given day.  It’s why Yelp and Epinions are powerful influencers of our buying decisions today among many places.  Missing the customer has a broader impact.  It gets broadcast quickly and lives to ruin your brand.

If you’re an employer, hire passionate people.  If you are an employee, be passionate or get out.   Your living lie spills over into consequences for all those around you.  Every moment you engage with another human being is an opportunity to create an experience.  Those experiences are what we all live for and look for.  Connect humanly and recognize anyone you have a deliverable for (boss, patron, wife, children, etc.) is winning a fan who can help you win in life.

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I grow businesses through partnerships and executive coaching. I work with partners and clients on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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