SomnoMed Inbound Marketing Systems And Sales Process

SomnoMed produces a dental device to alleviate sleep apnea. They work with dental and sleep professionals across the country to educate and partner with them on how to fabricate and sell their custom devices.

Their field sales team worked with dentists and sleep professionals to move them through an educational process which was necessary for driving distribution and sales. AscendWorks worked to design the sales processes for lead qualification and pipeline management. This involved customization of designed around a channel sales strategy.

The sales process took shape after an extensive Salesforce roadmap design. From the roadmap, we worked through specific communications and sales role activities. We custom developed integrations with to handle trade show leads and their geographic and demographic information from a kiosk. The sales and marketing teams were able to use their database to access ready information for the sales conversation in real-time.

Next, training of the SomnoMed sales team and management helped drive adoption as well as track pipeline results for forecasting. The results was a higher level of control of both inbound leads from marketing and inside sales lead generation.

Inbound Marketing Systems

A precursor to being able to sell the products SomnoMed promoted was educating their prospective customers. AscendWorks was retained to develop a marketing automation system on based on the marketing team’s specific requirements.

Our project management process involved collaboration with marketing management and driving specific steps in the registration, follow-up and nurturing of new leads on the landing site. AscendWorks designed the branding elements and integrated various parts of systems for signing up new event attendees and collecting payment via an integrated merchant service gateway.

Automatic nurturing via lead flow logic allowed for those who wanted more information to build trust over time with SomnoMed’s value proposition. Leads were captured within an integrated process for follow up by sales.

We trained the marketing team on using the customized functionality and tool sets we developed which they continue to use for managing ongoing events across the country.

In all, SomnoMed drove a dramatically higher registration and payment system to drive revenue from education events while having a sales process within for effective engagement and nurturing. The project’s success realigned the sales and marketing functions within the organization to act in a more responsive and relevant way while positioning their brand for new prospects to build trust.

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