Upgrade Or Become Irrelevant

There are a lot of opportunities for the people who get it.  They can understand the flow of change and the dynamics of the new economy.  They are changing as the world around them is changing, thus, they become relevant and valuable.

Being able to change every month, every day, and every moment is the best strategy for what is displacing the old guard today.  Your tools no longer give you an advantage.  We can all buy them.  Your knowledge and know-how is what will make you money, win you fans or grow your cause.

The days of entitlement are disappearing.  I, for one, am glad they are gone.  I relish the opportunities in the new economy.  There is a massive correction factor occurring.  If you are willing to work hard with passion, there is no reason you cannot put the pieces together today to drive opportunity for yourself and others.  If you lack knowledge, it is easy to get.  If you lack passion, well, the consequences will hopefully spur you towards action.

Assume all the stuff you have has a half life.  It will become increasingly irrelevant every year at an even faster rate than ever before.  Your business should be agile and ready to change as reality continues to change.  You don’t need a secret tool.  Your key to winning is to embrace a mindset of continually upgrading for the rest of your life so you are not overtaken by the currents of change moving swifter than ever.  It’s about who you are today, not what you have.  We are all needing to become entrepreneurs at heart.  It is the key to remaining relevant in the information age.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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