Content Is King

Because of our increasing inattention, hype, fluff and gimmicks only distract buyers today.  Think about how you buy.  You start with some kind of pain.  It takes the form of:

  • Lacking something
  • Needing something
  • Desiring something
  • Pursuing something

Before the internet, we were handicapped.  We needed to know our options and companies who could distribute information via marketing or salespeople made us aware and educated us.  Awareness and education are not a problem today.  That is a self-service process today.  You can navigate a sea of information quickly via Google and drive to your purpose.

Today, the buyer has a purpose.  They still need help.  They have an unmet need, however, they may need help articulating that need clearly.  If your strategy is to sell first, you lose.  Buyers are not ready to marry you until they date you.  They have that luxury because your competitor is a click away now.

The focus for the buyer is on content.  They need to understand the pain and the value proposition as initial steps in their buying process.  Your job is to escort them and provide immense value along the way.  Content, not cuteness, is critical.  Content which speaks in terms of educating the buyer and helping them rather than selling them builds necessary trust and credibility.  Buyers are looking to trust you if you can win them with relevant and precise content.  Deliver this strategically both in timing and in presentation to build trust.  Otherwise, the level playing field we have on the internet will favor your competitor who cares enough to do the hard work of creating meaningful content your customer can trust.  Don’t miss the opportunity by focusing on things of less importance.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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