I’ve reached my email storage limit!

If you’ve used 8 megabytes of storage allocated by Google Apps you have used a massive amount of storage. Therefore this article is for that very rare account that has reached the 8 megabyte limit. You know you’ve reached that limit when Google notifies you that your account has been maxed or you see a message at the bottom of your inbox that reads similar to this:

There are three actions to consider:

  1. Mass delete old emails, especially sent or deleted items. You can do a mass search to do this.
  2. Migrate an amount of emails to another archived account. This would be based on some criteria such as emails older than 2 years.
  3. Upgrade your organization to to a higher storage edition. This will take years to consume.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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