BlackBerry Setup Items

The BlackBerry device is a popular option for use with Google Apps.  There are three applications to consider for complete mobile integration:

  1. The BlackBerry Enhanced Gmail Plug-In.  Click here to access this.  This plugin allows for using the controls such as archiving, star items, etc. that you would use in your Google Apps email.  The native BlackBerry email application does not inherently have these functions.  You would otherwise only delete any unrequired emails.
  2. Get the Google Mobile App by clicking here.  This application has a suite of applications which integrate with your Google Apps environment.  Be sure to set up Google Sync to ensure Calendar and Contacts sync.  The setup is a wizard which walks you through username and password authentication.  Your Gmail allows you to search history of your old emails directly in your Google Apps mail account using the same web functionality.
  3. BlackBerry Google Talk will allow you to continue instant messaging with your team from your BlackBerry device.  Note that any applicable text messaging charges from your mobile provider apply.  Point your BlackBerry browser to this url  This application is also pre-loaded on BlackBerries as an application.  Be sure to save this to your home screen.

You now will have a continuity experience between your Google Apps user experience and your mobile device on your BlackBerry.

If you would like to have the best experience with Google Apps, see our advice here about Google Android phones.

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