Google Mail Labs Options

Your Google Apps mail can be customized with additional features to enrich your productivity and collaboration.  In addition to the setup our AscendWorks team customizes, you have the option to enable other features in your Google mail.  Here are some additional ones which you may want to enable.  To get to the Labs section, simply do the following:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select the Labs tab.
  3. Enable the various Labs features you would like as part of your Google Apps mail setup.

Here are some of our recommendations and how they will help you:

  1. Insert Images will help you to insert images in the body of an email in addition to the default attachment option.
  2. Green Robot allows you to see the source of the device your Google Chat people are using.
  3. Navbar Drag and Drop will allow you to drag your left-side navbar items around for reordering.
  4. Nested Labels allows you to have your labels appear in a nested layering fashion similar to what you might see in a folder structure in Outlook.
  5. Pictures in Chat allows you to see the picture of the person you are chatting with.
  6. Signature Tweaks allows for your responses to have your signature at the top of the message.
  7. Text Messaging In Chat allows you to use your Chat as an SMS texting tool to mobile phones.

Your system can continually be upgraded with enhancements.  Use these to help you in your communications and workflow for speed and productivity.

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