Calendar Sharing

Google has the most powerful calendar sharing application.  It is easy to share events securely and publicly if so desired.  Toggling views of calendars and changing events in a world where things are always changing make this an ideal environment for managing constant change.

You can share your Google Calendar with members of your organization or you can also share it externally with others.

To share or unshare your calendar, do the following:

  1. Click the Share Calendar menu item from your own calendar listed in the Calendars at left. 
  2. Add the email address of the person you want to share with.  Select the sharing setting you would like as a default. 

You can allow four levels of sharing security with others on your team.  They can view and toggle by clicking/unclicking your respective calendar.

Also, note that if you make your Google Calendar where a person can see all event details, you can mark individual Events as Private by simply selecting the radio button when creating or editing the respective event: 


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