Reporting Best Practices

Within the LoopFuse environment the reporting function will output an emailed report or a scheduled email report. There are a set of reports which are valuable. You can find the reports area in the navigation bar:

For the focus on the sales process, three are of importance to set scheduling to drive the sales process:

Top 100 Scored Leads

These are leads which are scored based on inputs into the database directly or a Lead Capture Form. From these, assess the scoring based on the Lead Scoring criteria set for your campaign. Your sales team may take action on the top leads showing the behaviors of a highly engaged prospect within the buying process. Log the sales activities back into your CRM system.

Lead Capture Form Registrants

Registrants that have given their information to access the value you are offering to start or continue a relationship show behaviors of an engaged prospect. Combined with the frequency of activities, your sales team can discern the worthwhile leads to engage based on their digital body language engaging with your buying process. This report can be sent on a weekly basis to help the sales team understand what registrants are doing. Furthermore, the sales activities should be logged to augment the lead record in the CRM.

Conversion Funnel – Timing

As leads move through the buying process predesigned in LoopFuse, the timing will be noted in the report for CRM – Conversion funnel. Your sales team can assess the active leads based on timing between various steps in the predesigned buying process set up by AscendWorks.

Remember that your buying process augments your selling process. Leads walk through a predetermined experience and the leads which demonstrate an engagement with your process will be worthwhile and relevant for your sales process to engage. Premature engagement can risk the nurturing of the lead, thus timing based on the reporting data is critical.

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