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We used to be praised for analysis.  If you were thorough, deliberate and methodical in gaining information for a project, purchase or RFQ, you had value.  Of course, time mattered a lot less back then.  Everyone was dependent within an imperfect communications system.  Sales cycles could take months.  Shipping products could take years.

We are moving much faster today.  Information doesn’t come in a tightly packaged process.  It can be accessed anywhere conveniently.  This has an impact on your effectiveness if you make decisions like a turtle or if you can’t make a decision because of fear and a slow brain.

It’s not easy doing business with everyone.  Part of this has to do with people’s core values.  Another part has to do with their decision habits.  Here are a few to watch out for:

  • Leeches:  People who do not have regard for you or your expertise.  They just want your knowledge.
  • Time-sucks: People who do not have regard for your time.  They will keep taking it to gain more for their imperfect decision process.
  • Deliberators: Keep introducing more data for these types.  The more the better.  There is no discrimination between what is important or unimportant.  They have no concept of time or priorities in their decision making.
  • People-sucks: These are people who cannot make a decision alone.  They need input and validation from anyone who can help their insecurity.  They even like to cause a debate between providers for their own benefit.
  • Procrastinators: Nothing much has changed for these people since grade school.  They don’t drive to closure or a decision.  They hope things away and manage with excuses.

There is such a thing as wisdom in deliberation and counsel.  However, the motives in someone who has this characteristic are far different.  They have consideration for others, their time and their value.  The people above typically think about themselves alone and cannot appreciate outside factors like time, value, others, or total cost.

Success in our endeavors relies on both action and decisions, not just of ourselves, but of others.  Increase the number of people that are effective at decision-making and move fast, and you increase your success quotient.  Do a favor for the ones above – leave them to their folly.  Being trapped in the old economy and thinking in scarcity rather than abundance will only widen the gap for these poor souls as they are left behind in the new economy.  Better to focus on winning with winners.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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