Less Is Better Marketing Strategy

Unexpectedly, I had an indulging experience today within the busy flow of my work day.  A tweet got my attention, and I bought a book. Let me share a marketing strategy which I see as a new tipping point.

Impactful Executive Reading

I consume books.  However, it is a time and attention intensive activity — far different than music or movies.  Yet, the investment always increases my personal growth, strategy consulting, idea generation and leadership.  I have a busy mind, and reading helps me to focus through rich interaction with an author’s thoughts.

Today, I read Nick Morgan’s book, How to Read Body Language, on my Amazon Kindle.  It is a distilled and focused explanation on the art of persuasion and influence using body language.  There are powerful tools to identify the nuance of interaction between people based on body language.

The book is great.  The brevity with the impactful content is the remarkable aspect.  Like Twitter or a Haiku, the constraints create appeal.  Because it is a shorter book in digital form that can be read quickly during my workday – I can buy, begin and complete with little friction or distraction to postpone it.

A Next Generation Book Publisher

I have always believed that a publisher who could focus on less, with high impact, would meet a market niche.  This is especially true in today’s economy where speed and increased inattention prevail.  The tools of production within our hands have only expanded our work to fill the opportunity vacuum.

So how does a person stay on top of what is important as it pertains to knowledge?

At the book’s end, I found the platform which helped connect author with reader.  New Word City is a publisher which “is an entirely new kind of publisher — producing concise, original writings on business topics exclusively in digital form.”  What a descript and focused marketing message.  With the compression of time, the ease of digital delivery and a hungry audience for just-in-time business knowledge, I am excited to see what this publisher will do to drive a long tail of consumers and authors.  If they democratize authorship with quality, they are going to be a powerful hub.

Inbound Marketing Consulting Best Practice

There are a few best practices here to glean from a potentially great opportunity for authors, readers and New Word City:

  1. Narrow who your customers are by defining clearly.
  2. Create constraints in the medium, platform or rules.  Genius expands to fill the space allotted.
  3. Be potent.  With less, drive more remarkable content.
  4. Be found in the medium.  The book’s end worked to sell me on the book’s source.  I will be a repeat customer.

If you’re going to get calls or get found, the principles here will serve you well in a noisy world where everyone has access to the same tools.  The battle again comes down to the strategies which are irreducible in nature.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I am a management consultant to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. I write and speak on systems, strategy and leadership on my blog and help empower business clients to achieve their goals for revenue and efficiency. I live a life of adventure and work with business clients all over the world from remote locations to help them start and grow their businesses.

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