Knowledge Base Using Google Sites

The power of searchable content in a secure environment makes Google Sites an ideal platform for building your team’s knowledge base.  If you simply answer every question verbally, you lose the opportunity for an ongoing resource which your team can access as it grows.  Capturing content between your team members and their respective expertise increases the value of your business.  Ensure you have a knowledge base as part of your growth strategy.

Google Sites FAQ Knowledge Page

A master Google Site which contains different pages for your team to access information as they need it should have an FAQ section.  Using the Announcements page type, start any dialogue between users via Posts and Comments.  Here is a screen shot of a customer using a knowledge base page within a page integration.

To ensure you are part of the ongoing knowledge exchange, Subscribe to Page Changes using the controls in the picklist menu:

Google Apps Consulting Best Practices

Once your system is set up, be sure to drive team members to post process and execution questions in this new knowledge base area.  Answer all questions with Comments and invite other users to participate.  The more collaboration driven from your leadership, the more valuable your knowledge base will become.

As you add new team members, they will have a rich and ready resource to find answers for working within your team’s offense.  Furthermore, searching for answers uses Google’s built-in search engine within your intranet site.  As you build an ongoing knowledge base, your business best practices will be encapsulated for opportunities such as:

  • Raising funding
  • Selling your business
  • Working remotely
  • Recruiting talent
  • Winning customers

Your knowledge becomes a durable asset that can be monetized or translated to increased productivity.  Be sure your commitment to a knowledge base is continual to build a knowledge sharing culture with your team.

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