Creators And Doers

We are all gifted to go and make something happen.  Whether this comes from creating or doing, we need to realize our sweet spot.  We need to know the difference and align ourselves accordingly.

Creators And Doers Are Different

Each of us has a natural bent towards strategy or execution.  Creators are the people who have ideas.  They can see the ideas in motion and often create a framework for work to get done.  Envisioning work getting done which creates value makes creators a critical part of the information age.  The wall between buyers and sellers has been torn down — the creators have built bridges between the symbiotic pair.  Systems which connect with meaning and elegance are the work of creators.

Of course, execution typically comes from doers.  Doers are technical in nature and know how to operate the tools of the new economy thoroughly.  They bring the ideas to life with craftsmanship and attention to implementation.  Their focus is on delivery.  Nothing happens of worth without them.

You are one or the other, but rarely both.  If you are a creator, you are thinking about the “What” and the “What if.”  If you are a doer, you are thinking about the “How.”  Making something special happen today requires the marriage of the creator and the doer.  Your blind spot typically comes from an inability to assess yourself honestly and augmenting your weaknesses with those who complement you readily.

So, which tendency do you lean towards most?  What if you could fill in the gaps for your alter ego?   Click here to find out how much of a creator or doer you are. After all, your value today lies in how able you are to identify and connect with your other half.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I am a management consultant to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. I write and speak on systems, strategy and leadership on my blog and help empower business clients to achieve their goals for revenue and efficiency. I live a life of adventure and work with business clients all over the world from remote locations to help them start and grow their businesses.

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