Strategy Areas To Focus On For The New Year

The world is continually changing, and what worked before is continually being challenged.  What is primarily driving change is that the tools for production are now in your hands.  This accessibility now makes the battle less about tools and more about brains and creativity.

Best Strategies To Focus On

If your brand and business can focus on how to create a following rather than how to interrupt people for your own interest, then by the end of the year, you should have durable assets – content, systems and permission.  These three things constitute key lasting strategies for your business in today’s new economy.

Content Is King

Your content must be relevant to the narrow niche you seek to serve.  Everyone is not your customer, nor should they be.  Avoid winning a popularity contest, and serve your existing customers.  They are your customers for a reason – they resonate.  They are indicators of who your future customers are.  Are they fringe, conservative, inquisitive, or technical?  Hone in on the characteristics that are common, and ensure your content connects.

Systems Which Promote And Manage Content

Writing that noone reads is vanity.  Your systems must be set up in an automated way to syndicate your content and connect it with those who matter.  These tools are pervasive now.  The hard part is constructing them to be cohesive and easy.  Each production cycle should be easy and quick.  Otherwise, it can become easily discouraging to stay consistent.   Your systems should serve you and your team to be lasting in value and agile enough to change as you continue on the journey of discovery in information and value.

Gain Permission With Tact

It’s gotten so bad that we don’t trust our inboxes anymore.  Too many marketers and salespeople push on us without permission.  They do not have permission to call, email, send letters, advertise or do whatever is necessary to focus us on something we may not want.  Yet, they still do it.

Not so with you.  Make your content and your systems so desirable that people want to learn more about you and your story.  Then their interest in your value becomes their choosing rather than a rude interruption.

Change In The New Year

You have an opportunity every year to change, especially as the world changes.  Habits lead to success.  The new habits for connecting with your customer need to start now to have something to show in months down the road.  Don’t get caught with the world (and your competition) passing you by.  What are some ways you will implement these strategies?  Comment below.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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