Marketing Genius Is Perseverance In Disguise

Getting a customer is very difficult.  Starting with that premise helps to set the right expectations of what it takes to win a new customer.  It is a process which requires commitment.  The good news is that if you are willing to persevere and continue the process of refining your systems, content and approach you will have something repeatable and scalable.

A Tipping Point Exists For Perseverance

Natural laws seem to govern the vast majority of pursuits we undertake.  We have to push continually until the flywheel effect occurs.  A flywheel requires a lot of initial movement.  Inertia keeps it from moving.  However, once it is in motion, it has momentum of its own.

Likewise, your business will work if you can push towards the point of gaining momentum.  The sales mentality is extremely prevalent in people.  We want instant gratification.  Make enough calls, bother enough people or poster the landscape with advertising and we can settle for the less than one percent response.  It’s hope and abuse at the same time.

Look under the covers of any successful business or person and you will find perseverance.  Perseverance will help you find the right focal points and approaches in your marketing.  Our own perseverance is what allows us to serve our customers with extreme value in getting customers.

Create Content Consistently That Connects

The internet has allowed buyers to consume content at an unprecedented rate.  With content so easily available, buyers are looking for good content.  Good content builds trust over time.  Part of the perseverance of marketing genius is having ongoing timely, relevant and personal content.  Without it, you are always having to sell.  Content positions you and your brand.  It connects with the problem a seeker is trying to solve at the right time.

Your ability to be found and be consumed is critical today.  Your first pieces of content will be less potent than your one hundredth.  Nonetheless, you have to move the flywheel and write the first, second and continuous pieces to get to the hundredth.  It is a process of refinement.  Again, perseverance in disguise.

Refining Buying Systems

A buying system focuses on the buyer and the movements they make, especially online.  A selling system focused on the salesperson and making it easy for her to drive outbound activity.  The former is inbound and requires continual analysis and refinement of a system.

In our work with customers, we have a lot of upfront effort in building the systems for an inbound lead to take a purchasing step or engage in a discussion.  This has to be thoughtfully engineered and artistically engaging.  The larger effort lies in getting the last five percent right.  Creating valuable pathways for a buyer to take means analyzing the conversion points, looking at content value and a host of other metrics which need to be optimized.  The goal is to have a predictable process which creates a buying environment repeatably.

The Journey Never Ends

We all wish there was a magic on and off switch which would allow us to get as many customers as we like.  The truth is that there is a small subset of ideal customers in the universe for what you have to offer.  They are changing because everything around us is dynamic more than ever.  Thus, you have to be continually growing and remaining relevant.  Perseverance is a secret ingredient which anyone willing to work and commit to can adopt.  The successes you have had to date are likely connected to your willingness to persevere.  So goes any worthwhile endeavor.  What has been your learning to date on perseverance in your business?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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