Using Salesforce As A Knowledge Base contains valuable data which is important for moving an organization towards a high level of execution. The feedback loop you get from seeing your team’s activities and every input into the system helps drive management decisions.

Your workforce will typically continue to evolve and change. This is the nature of the new economy. Talent is highly mobile today. As such, your organization must manage knowledge to ensure continuity of best practices, ideas and execution. lends itself as the repository and access point for your team to store and retrieve on-demand knowledge. Internal Case Management has Case management as part of its core deployment. This can be used to serve your customers with a portal to log any support issues. In answering ongoing support issues, you have the option to make the answers available for your users. They can search this information within the system to be able to answer questions.

Furthermore, you can add knowledge directly to the knowledge base without relationship to a specific case. Either scenario creates an avenue for your team to find best practices and process information quickly and readily.

FAQ’s And Quick Access

Your team may feel more comfortable with using a third-party application for support and knowledge base management. There are several tools in our Salesforce consulting deployments which we integrate that fit based on the culture and workflow of an organization.

The system should be accessible by users working out of conveniently. A web tab or app integration are typically means to the interface.

The goal is to ensure that the knowledge base you are building is captured and distributed for maximum execution and benefit. In this, your organizational continuity gains momentum and has increasing value as a durable asset of your company. At the end of the day, your process and knowledge constitute the cornerstone of what makes your business special. Your investment in creating an asset of these is one of the highest value projects you can undertake.


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