Managing Blog Categories

For SEO and growing your blog content, managing your blog categories should be done with a few set of criteria in mind.  There are a variety of ways to organize articles on your corporate blogs.  Taking into account the user experience and the way you will get found online are critical for your inbound marketing strategies and lead generation process.

Here are some marketing strategies we employ as we manage marketing strategy for our clients:

  1. Minimize the number.  Using categories for navbar menus helps to organize the layout and flow of your site.  Between 5-8 is ideal.  This also focuses your content creation process so that you are writing for one of the primary categories that your blog needs to focus on.
  2. Use strategic keywords for your categories.  Your articles gets indexed by Google with the specific H1 header and url.  Ensure your keywords for getting found are captured there.  Furthermore, the more articles added under this category, the more authority you will get online for indexing.
  3. Avoid subcategories.  These can get buried and complicate your blog.  Keep on topic and help your readers see the natural focus of your overall blogs.  This keeps things clean and inviting.  Furthermore, it helps with load times as database queries are minimized.
  4. Use tags generously.  Blog tags are powerful for a secondary organization level.  We consider these less formal than categories and can be repurposed for another way to find content with a more organic organization of your blog.
  5. Avoid confusing your readers.  Your site visitors will have three methods for navigating your site: Search (via Google Custom Search), tags and categories.  Search is random and allows for a broad interaction with your content.  Tags are less formal and can be used for organizing less emphasized and more niche topics.  Categories are the overall themes of your content.

Navigating your blog content with strong categories that represent the major themes and keywords of your content to get found will have many benefits.  It will motivate writing when you are seeking further content as you have a natural organization by topics.  Your blog will grow with order around the order and design you choose.

How is your content ordered?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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