Positioning Your Brand Before The Consultation

My judgment of you today will be largely based on what I perceive through your positioning online.  My keyboard is too accessible and it is too convenient to search.  If this is true for everyone, then it only makes sense to have a well-designed presentation of your brand.  There are several parts to your system which need a focus for readiness to present to anyone searching on you.

Positioning With Your Content

There needs to be a place where your content lives and builds compound interest.  Your content will communicate your expertise and ability to provide value based on your strategies, advice and analysis.  An optimized blog is a great place to start for capturing your content.  It’s easy to post.  It’s harder to think.  Be sure you have something substantive and contagious to write about.  Start from the problems your prospective client faces and articulate the pain.

The value of your content lives permanently on the internet and increases in value for every article you post.  Keep in mind that when a stranger visits any of your pages, it may be the front door to a next step within your site.  Thus, the links you provide across your site and to other resources within your system can be powerful for a guided tour.

Positioning With Design

Our eyes navigate quickly on a site.  Clean design which attracts us to click on the next page should be thought through and continually reanalyzed.  This will ensure that regardless of where your prospective client starts, there is a logical flow of their page views within your system.  Imagine giving someone a tour of your house.  The sequence of how you show the various rooms has an effect on the experience.  Give your client a guided experience by indulging them with value first.  The content they consume first should lead them to want to know more.  Buttons, links, layout and design are part of what will influence a person.  Make it predictable, inviting and clean.

Positioning With Substance

If you are not the real thing, you will be found out quickly.  Furthermore, there are many options available today, so posing can be costly.  It’s better to be the real thing.  This requires growth.  Growth is about working hard, reading and writing.  These contribute to your positioning.  The goal of positioning is so your eventual meeting starts with high trust.  If your positioning is done well, it tells the story of who you are and how you bring value without having to say it.  Your systems speak it loudly instead.

Assume that before a sale happens, a buyer will find out about you and form an impression.  They will validate this impression based on their sales meeting with you.  Your responsibility is to ensure continuity between the perception and the reality.  Ultimately, a lack of positioning or a lack of substance will both jeopardize the sale, and it should.  True value is hard to build, but when it exists, the rewards are great.

What are some of the ways you consciously position before your sales engagements and what are the effects?  Feel free to comment below.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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