Opportunities Await For The Diligent

Your belief system is the most important asset you have in business.  What you believe and how you face adversity will determine your success and outcomes.  If you have a vision and you want it badly, then what’s in the way?  Excuses are typically hollow, for there is too much evidence of people who have overcome the very obstacles you may have built in your mind.

The truth is that today, all of us have access that we did not have in the old days.  The tools for production, syndication and distribution are available to us like never before.  This should enable more entrepreneurs than ever before.  Work a little harder beyond your day job or your core business and you can start new opportunities.  Of course, working harder is hard to come by if you are not used to going further than you have to.

Breaking Down The Formidable

As we get set in our ways, we can get comfortable, perhaps too comfortable.  I am always looking for ways to grow and push myself.  When I see a new challenge with rewards, my mind starts to map the pathway to get there.  When looking at a large endeavor like running a marathon or building a new business, the whole picture can seem daunting.

To me, everything is about time and effort.  If I want to run a marathon, I will have to put in 40-60 miles a week in training over 16-20 weeks.  So, just do the miles over that time.

If I want to grow a business, I might have to execute 500 tasks.  So, just do the 500 tasks.

My clients wonder how I am able to drive a strategy so quickly or set up web systems with lightning speed.  They can do the same.  They just have to start working the ten thousand hours it takes.  I am continually seeking to master new methods of leadership, systems and execution.  It’s my passion and I do the work.  There are no shortcuts.  They just don’t see the work which happens late nights, weekends and throughout my life.  My focus is on being the best, therefore, I do the work to make it happen.

Here’s the gist.  You reap what you sow.  The separation between talent and those who coast will continually be exposed.  You can’t hide behind convoluted organizational processes anymore.  You are either fast, smart or capable today or you are out.  Those that are diligent and willing to pay the price will get a great reward in the new economy.  I have not seen anything contrary to this.  I have seen a rarity in those that are willing to be diligent.

What’s stopping you from going after what you want?  Are you unclear about what you want?  Not good.  Get clear.  Otherwise, what are you doing?

Are you lazy?  Well, that’s a hard problem to solve because you made thousands of choices to be characterized as such.  Better start paying the price and working the hours.  There are too many unseen diligent people who are passing you by this minute because they are choosing to work harder and get smarter.  There’s less to hide behind today when the winners are busy making things happen.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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