Salesforce As The Interruption Killer

Salesforce increases productivity by forcing a culture of tasks, communication and collaboration.  The cost of an interruption is typically 15-20 minutes of lost productivity.  In our humanity, we are limited by finite attention.  It is difficult to refocus when we are interrupted.  We can only focus on one thing at at time.

The Cloud Organization

There are many stories of cloud-based organizations which work using the internet today.  Adopting offers you this same opportunity.  Your team can work from anywhere, anytime.  That is as long as your processes and systems in are set up and your culture adopts through strong leadership.  This is what every organization seeks in the way of internal operations and execution.  The art of it is very hard work.

However, forcing the execution of action items within the Task framework of according to pre-defined business processes has multiple benefits.  Your system becomes the mainstay of recorded actions.  You will have complete accountability of what has gotten done with whom, especially customers.

In addition, keeping the onslaught of relentless actions becomes the job of your system rather than your brain.  Your team can store and assign all necessary next steps with the respective data objects in  This needs to be enforced, as old habits die hard.  We like to interrupt with talking to someone in person, on the phone or via email.  Aligning your team to drive all action through your system, without exceptions, pays dividends in reducing interruptions that are costly.

A top notch team executing in creates a symbiotic relationship between everyone.  Moving actions forward has a natural dependency.  Management can make decisions in real-time based on real execution.  Customizations can be applied based on analysis of user experiences.

Productivity And Bliss

Your team wants to get things done with the most ease and the least hassles. accomplishes this as the core of your business process.  If you are starting a business or learning to move your business into cloud systems, your opportunity to virtualize your organization will be opportune.  Driving your team to capture every and any task within associated with the Contacts, Opportunities or custom data objects which support the respective projects for action increases your team’s productivity.

When the habit and the culture continues to take root, your team captures work in one place without interrupting each other.  It’s the natural progression of a cloud organization.  Then, the flexibility to allow for telecommuting, mobile work or flexible hours further enhances accountability.  You can see what is getting done or not done within your system.  The interruptions from old ways of working become less acceptable or natural.

How much does interruption kill productivity with your team?  What would accountable and real-time execution do for you?

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Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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