What Do You Expect?

Some days, I wonder if insanity has become the new norm.  Expecting to reap what we do not sow must be the delusional spell of the entitlement economy.  It has certainly bled over to today’s economy.

My question is, “What do you expect when …”

You Skimp On Your Branding?

We all use the web to find stuff before we consider buying.  It’s the first touchpoint, and it’s easy to click off of your site when you are boring, cheap, unprofessional and half-committed.  Use a template and put out garbage and you get a predictable result – one and done.  People click and leave quickly.  There’s nothing to engage them, and they rightfully leave.  Being cheap and thoughtless only gets you bad branding and bad engagement.

You Don’t Pay The Brain Bill?

If you don’t read, what value and advice can you offer someone?  If you aren’t growing, then how can you truly increase your revenue?  Many people have the illusion that if they buy some equipment or software, then that gets them in the game.  I guess marketing works in this area.  We all like to buy our sports hero’s golf clubs or shoes to grab a little aura and propel our game.  In the end, it’s an illusion.  You either have the talent and the equipment is useful, or you are just an untalented hopeful with expensive equipment.

Your business works the same.  If you don’t pay the brain bill for how every step, especially that connects with the customer, works, then you only have technology.  That’s what everyone has.  The real challenge is in the strategy, talent and hard work to make things work.  Winning a new customer, driving an operations process, automating high quality support and all the other things which make for a world-class system takes hard work and talent.

You Are Selfish?

When you stink of selfishness, everyone can smell it.  The ruse of being nice only to get what you want is a poor cover for what is really going on in the heart.  Desperation or frustration will reveal the truth under pressure.

If you cannot connect with people and understand what they want, then your results are going to show for it.  We are dependent on others for success.  An inability to see what is important to others and care enough to help them get it only leaves you wanting in the end.  This applies to business and relationships.  Being a weirdo, socially inept or emotionally immature should never be an excuse for not connecting.  The laziness to not do so is another form of selfishness.  The world around you will avoid you and leave you lagging.  Burn enough bridges or don’t build enough, and your world becomes very small quickly.

You Surround Yourself With Mediocrity?

Championship teams require talent.  Putting “C” players on a team is common.  After all, they all need jobs.  But why are they on your team?  Is it a security blanket?  Are you threatened by more talented players?  When you have a hard time working with “A” talent, this is a reflection of who you are.  It’s a leadership limitation.  Too bad.  You’ll have to struggle through the extra pain of managing lesser talent with great cost.  Things could have gotten done faster with precision and more ingenuity.  But your comfort zone may be the drug which is hard to get off of.

If you expect greatness with mediocrity, then your delusion is pretty high.  The world is complex and moving fast.  Talent is what wins today in handling the challenges which demand innovation, creativity, and execution.

You’re Scared?

There are problems every day.  If you don’t have the gall to face them, then your cowardice will leave you in desperate positions.  Of course life is hard.  Why is there a different expectation?  Maybe you cheated earlier in life and did not solve small problems when you were supposed to.  Now, the onslaught of new problems just leaves you paralyzed.  You check out rather than confront.

If you take the coward’s way, then you email when you should speak face-to-face.  You don’t respond when you should be direct.  You act weird rather than composed.  You bury problems and hope they go away rather than think methodically and attack.

If you can’t overcome your fear, then life is going to be one long drag.  How can you get anywhere without embracing and solving problems?

You Choose To Lose?

When things get hard what do you do?  What about when things change?  Getting back up and pushing forward against adversity on a daily basis is how winning is done.  You are going to get knocked down because seeking success in an endeavor is a narrow path.  There is typically a tight sequence of steps which either need to be executed or figured out.  Each time you miss, you get knocked down.  It is then you have a choice to get back up and figure out how to win or choose to lose.

It’s a mindset.  Losers are real people.  They got the reputation from making a predictable and habitual choice when hardship hits.  Blaming, complaining, disengaging, and posturing are symptoms of the root problem.  In the end, choosing to lose became the outcome of well-trained thinking.

Expect More

Assume you reap what you sow.  Expect more from yourself in this case.  Stop the weirdness, laziness, cowardice and cheapness.  Trying to get something for nothing has been the loser’s strategy for quite some time. The tactics work on the ignorant, but most people are keen to the behaviors and approaches.  If you expect more when you deserve less, then perhaps the continual replay of insanity will awaken you to do something different.  My vote is that you choose to grow and stop making excuses.  It’s a much better strategy for long term success.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I grow businesses through partnerships and executive coaching. I work with partners and clients on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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