Adaptive Marketing As The New Reality

There is a pulse to your market.  Plugging into the whims and trends of your customer requires an adaptive marketing strategy.  The attention economy has us moving along the fast currents of a collective conscience in social media and the blogosphere.  To remain relevant requires real-time marketing that continually responds to your buyers and their behaviors.

Structuring Agile Systems

Your systems for monitoring and reacting to the marketplace need to be able to change quickly.  It is likely your website will be outdated in a year and your message today has less potency as it once did.  Cleaner design, concise copy and convenient processes need to be continually updated.

On the back end, what you are measuring needs to be in dashboard that allows you to take action quickly.  Triggers to your sales team and process drive speed in reaction.

The process by which your buyer starts, consumes and finishes has to be without awkwardness or hitches.

All these factors are the heavy lifting of organizations that understand today’s economy is about reinvention, adapting and refinement.  In the past, we could rely on systems that did not require change.  We don’t have that choice or luxury today.  Too many people are pushing the boundaries of messaging, value and content.  Ensure your platforms for doing business allow for quick change.

Tapering The Buying Funnel

If your systems are set up to do business with continual adaptation, the feedback from your market in interest, awareness and opting in will drive a tighter buying funnel.  Each of the conversion steps can be carefully analyzed.  Look for where your buyer is dropping off and make adjustments to test for new pathways to gain their compliance.  If they show disinterest on a landing page, redesign the call to action and watch the metrics carefully.  If there is a drop off from a purchase page, then reexamine the process to see how you can eliminate steps or confusion.

Continually simplify and remedy the issues in your funnel.  It is the hard work of inbound marketing.  As you continually adapt, you will find the points of automation which speed up the buying process.  The reward is a tighter and predictable funnel.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Assume that everything you have set up will change.  Assume that buyers are fickle and their attention will continue to decrease year over year.  As a seller, you are competing with many other sellers to hone in on maintaining relevance and attention.  Ensure you are set up to continually refine and adapt your marketing.  The content, decision points, design and systems need to change.  There’s no such thing as arriving.  There is only keeping up with the buyer, who is always changing.

What are the challenges you are finding in keeping pace with buyers today?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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