Google Chat For The Cloud Organization

Google Chat is a unifying technology embedded within the Google Apps mail interface.  Teams which adopt the workflow and interface within Google Apps quickly find a powerful productivity enhancement.

The Connected Team

Today, work can get done from anywhere.  A knowledge worker is someone who moves information towards actions and results.  We are bombarded by an overwhelming amount of information.  Furthermore, to gain clarity around requests, we need to be able to access input, information and expertise from others.

There is a distribution of information that resides with various team members.  To remain connected, a team can use Google Chat.  It becomes a mainstay alternative to dialing a phone number or emailing.  It is quick and convenient collaboration.

Google Apps Consulting Strategy

In our Google Apps consulting, we set up teams and help them adopt a workflow for speed.  Users interface with each other through their:

  • Gmail
  • Google Talk – A software download or
  • Mobile Device

You can see when others are available and quickly chat with them for a request.  A salesperson may be in the field with a client and runs across a difficult question.  She can pull out her mobile device and chat with one of five different support people in her chat list.  She gets the answer she needs and delivers an answer which moves the sales conversation along with her sales prospect.

A vice-president may be in a meeting and the financials need some clarification.  He can use his iPad to chat with a marketing manager on the team about analytics and get an instant answer to share with the executive team.

Business moves at a rapid speed.  Delivering just-in-time knowledge allows your organization to overcome the gaps in information for execution every day.

Building Your Information Library

As you chat with various people every day, your information library will continue to grow.  You can use Google search within your interface – computer or mobile – to find all past chats.  The more you collaborate, the more knowledge is at your disposal to access via chat.

The Cloud Is Your Office

You will quickly find that the old constraints of a physical space becomes less necessary.  Work gets done anywhere and everywhere by your team.  You are always connected and can see the availability of anyone on your team.  You are always carrying the knowledge and access to resources within the palm of your hand.

Google Chat opens up the possibilities for virtualizing your team and increasing the velocity of getting things done.  In our consulting engagements, we have watched organizations increase productivity, reduce overhead expense and empower decision making across the team from this powerful application.

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