Google Apps Mobile Setup Strategy

Knowledge work happens everywhere, and your mobile workers need access to Google Apps anywhere and everywhere.  Setting up your Google Apps system to work with your team, regardless of their location, is a strategic advantage for getting things done.

Collaborating In Real-Time

Today’s smartphone devices, primarily the Google Android phone and the iPhone, have many applications which can be added and used as part of your individual productivity tool kit.  The Android platform is the preferable choice for it natively integrates with Google Apps.  You are connected in real-time via Google Chat to your team and are able to get answers when you need them using your thumbs and your phone.  This is both powerful and convenient for continuous access to your corporate resources via people.

Furthermore, if you are working with an assistant, they can edit, change or create new calendaring items.  It is not uncommon for your schedule to continually be modified.  If you are out in the field working with customers, you can make such changes from your phone which affects your cloud calendaring system, or someone at a desk back at the home office can do the same based on the setup and permissions of your team.

Changes and communications are happening in real-time in the cloud.  This frees up your team to collaborate wherever they are at.

Document Collaboration

Your documents are stored in the cloud. This gives you the advantage of accessing any information anywhere.  If you have a presentation to give, a Google Presentation can be modified with design elements by your team and ready to go when it is time to present.  A centralized document ensures that all collaborators are using the same updated document.

Finding documents using Google Search makes it easy to access your organization’s knowledge quickly.  Sending out a document via your computer, mobile phone or iPad can be done easily with access to a mobile interface of Google Docs or using apps which manage your document access.

If your team needs more powerful document management, there are third-party solutions which can be further integrated and managed from your mobile interface experience.  All can be controlled from your mobile devices wherever you are at.

Communications And Action

The bottom line is that it needs to be easy to get your team set up and executing.  Google Apps affords you this agility and allows you to grow or contract as your business conditions demand.

For work to move forward, communications and actions need to be clarified, captured and completed.  Make it easy for your team, and ensure your mobile strategy works with how your team works.  Today, location for where work gets done is irrelevant.  Being connected is what matters.

How could your mobile strategy be better?  Feel free to comment below.

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I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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