Brand Yourself The Leader In My Mind

Your brand is the overall experience I have with your product, service and company.  It is what you are in my mind.  In a world where I can get anything I want with a few keyboard strokes, your brand is what makes me pick you.  I can get the product or service you offer.  All things being equal, I am looking for the brand which allows you to be in a category of one.

The best way to be unique is to be the leader.  The leadership position overcomes the skepticism and mistrust which is natural for things I am not familiar with or acquainted with.  Too often, companies spend their energy on how to fall in line and conform rather than differentiate and be the perceived leader.  There is a much better strategy for winning.

Positioning As The Leader

Flashy images and glossy advertising are things of the past.  Positioning with your followers and customers means leading with valuable content.  Sharing your expertise and insights to real problems needs to be a part of the ongoing way you communicate and connect.  Bring value by caring about and being the forerunner in having answers.

We are, after all, looking for answers on a daily basis.  When we want something, we start looking.  When we look, your position in the mind of a new person or someone who has been following you has to have a solid association with your leadership in their specific problem area.

If you have a repair shop, keep me thinking about the best ways to maintain my car for optimum performance.  If you have a fitness business, share your insights on nutrition and what it takes to live healthy and fit.  Lead me and help me understand you are the expert.

Consistency In Attention

While we may have had a great experience, our attention is temporal.  We are filled with more attention grabbing options and distractions than ever before.  Your message must be consistent and your value has to pierce through my inattention and unreadiness.  When I am ready, I will focus and you will come to mind, simply because you are the leader and you were consistent.

Our minds leak and forget.  We are always looking for better and we want the best.  That position is largely given to who is the leader and who is consistent.  The challenge is bringing continuous and real value.  In the leadership role, this means you are pushing forward with research, growth and discovery.  This is what makes you the leader.  Your positioning and consistency helps promote the reality.

Branding And Strategy

Branding happens with hard work, creativity and leadership today.  There has to be substance and credibility.  It is an exciting time for those that are willing to work harder than everyone else and take risk.  You get the most important real estate in business – mind share.

If someone says your name or your company name, what word comes to mind?  How can you affect your brand position further if you lead?  Feel free to comment below.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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