Employee Management In The Cloud

You may have the unfortunate and likely experience of having to depart ways with an employee. If your cloud systems in Google Apps, Salesforce.com, or your web systems are set up, then your team has access with security. The ability to manage your team remotely is extremely powerful and convenient while allowing you to retain flexibility to grow and iterate your business processes.

However, when an employee is no longer part of your team, you want to retain what is valuable – your knowledge – while securing your systems. Here are some things to manage and what a cloud computing environment affords you:

  • Immediate Suspension. Your departed employees can be turned off immediately. This keeps them from accessing your data and affecting anything with any malicious intent. Their login history is part of a profile record for legal record keeping as well just in case you need this.
  • Data management. To allow the team to continue seamlessly, there may be some work involved to transfer sales and project activities. Access to documents, past emails and calendar items could be part of this migration. It is important to have a good strategy for continuing the work while ascribing work from the past to the departed person.
  • Process continuation. When a person leaves, this often leaves a gap in your process. Filling this gap should be reviewed and driven with effective management and procedures. The documentation should be part of your knowledge base and then immediately addressed to avoid any disruptions to serving your customers.

In the old days, such change could be pretty disruptive and difficult. Within a cloud computing business, you have the luxuries of flexibility with security. Your knowledge is retained. Your business processes can run. People will likely come and go. Your true assets are within your systems. This becomes apparent when you experience new hires or employee discharges.

What has been your experiences?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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