Salesforce Conga Merge For Document Automation

Document automation in is a powerful way to automate parts of your workflow.  If you are seeking to get a proposal out to a prospect or send a non-disclosure agreement, the terms, conditions and varying fields can merge with pre-designed documents in a library.

Our Salesforce consultants continually refine organizational processes.  The tedium of having to create and distribute new documents can be effectively managed with a leading third-party AppExchange partner.

Their application, Conga Composer, and the suite of other integrated products extend your ability to gain efficiency in reporting and document creation.

Automating Your Salesforce Document Workflow

Typically, in the course of doing business, you exchange documents with your partners and customers.  You could open up a Word, PowerPoint, Excel or pdf file and type away customizing the document from a template.  However, here are some disadvantages to this manual and inferior process:

No Centralized Document Template

Having a copy of a template on each person’s desktop leaves any change management without good controls for ensuring similarity between templates.  With a centralized document template in, any changes are in real-time and accessible by users from one place.

No Searchable And Reportable Data

If your merge information is inside your document alone, then you miss the opportunity a cloud database in affords you.  Your information is part of a data object record.  This becomes searchable, part of a history and can be used in reporting metrics.  It is more strategic.

Less Clicks For Document Production

With Conga Composer, the programming for creating a document within a record is easy.  A button initiates the process and merges fields from different data objects.  The output can be the document, a pdf or an email template with an attachment.  It is set up initially and made part of a template library.

Automation Reinforces Your Business Processes

If you have a team, then using to drive collaboration and efficiency enhances your team’s culture and speed for execution. is powerful for customization around a process.  As new areas of automation are required, third-party apps help to meet the growing requirements of your team.

This is the beauty of adopting  It allows for continual evolution and refinement of your business processes.  Whether you are automating documents, marketing or calling, the opportunity to cut out cycles and provide less friction for your team increases motivation and reduces error.

What are some documents that your team could benefit from automating?  Feel free to comment below.

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