Strengths: Entrepreneurship And Sales People

The need for closure around a goal is a characteristic of high goal low detail people. Sales Profile High Goal People with this trait, to varying degrees, act with speed and decisiveness.  The need for closure is very high.   It is a common characteristic in professions such as sales and entrepreneurship.

Committing To More Than You Can Deliver

Internally, this type of person is restless.  They want to drive to action and decisions quickly.  Their asset is that they bring energy and movement to projects and work.  On a team, they will drive as a catalyst.

Depending on their cognitive score, they may use action to iterate and receive instant feedback through failure.

They are also not afraid to commit to more than they can personally deliver.  One of the assets of this person is that they are quite resourceful. They can fill needs with people, technology, or whatever is bookmarked in their arsenal of resources.  They get things done by bringing resources to the goal.  This is why they are not afraid to commit.

The blind spot is that this person can overcommit.  They may not assess resources for getting a goal done with consideration for what is realistic.  It is both common and a strain on teams that may be process and resource specific.  They are continually stretched with this person at the helm.

Living In Your Strengths

For the person who has a high goal, low detail strengths test profile, their fulfillment and advantage in life and business is to be involved in roles which allow them to move fast and change quickly.  Change is a good thing.  The tried and true can become wearisome.  They are meant for change.

In my business consulting with such people, I like to encourage them to recognize their blind spot.  They can move before things are ready or agreements are made.  I also encourage them to value their strengths.  They have an innate ability to get things done because of their high goal orientation.  This allows them to navigate with intuition on what is important and how to get to the goal.

Do you find yourself able to move forward with a high need for closure?  Or do you need details before you act?  Feel free to comment below.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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