Contact Sharing With Google Apps

Google Apps in a business transforms how your team collaborates and shares information. A valuable piece to your business is how you share and organize your contacts. These bits of information are valuable pieces of data that can be captured and integrated into your Google Apps account to increase productivity and sharing capabilities of your company and team members.

Contact Sharing

Contact sharing is a feature within Google Apps that enhances sharing and collaboration capabilities within an organization’s domain by utilizing the Google Apps directory – a search-able list of users in your domain that can be shared with everyone in your company.

Contact sharing within your domain gives your team members several abilities with internal contacts:

  1. Auto-completes the address for team members within your domain when composing a message.
  2. Gives your team members the ability to search for each other in the domain.
  3. Allows the Google Apps Directory to catalogue team members’ user names and email addresses.

Shared Contacts API – Sharing External Contacts

Google Apps APIs allows you to create custom applications that extend Google Apps – these enhancements increase the value of the data that is in each users’ instance of Google Apps and can add specific ways your team members can use internal and external information.

As your company grows, there are likely to be other features that you would like to integrate and adopt – Google Apps APIs extends the functionality of Google Apps and enhances your data. 

The Shared Contacts API allows domain users the ability to retrieve and update external contacts that are shared to all users within the domain.

Implementing a Shared Contacts API increases the value of each external contact as it is shared throughout your organization. Over time, your business encounters multiple contacts and leads – imagine your team collaborating and sharing leads within your Google Apps domain. 


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