Google Apps Marketplace Turbocharges Your Team

The Google Apps Marketplace integrates third-party applications with your team’s core business system.  As your adoption of Google Apps grows and facilitates the speed, collaboration and productivity which cloud computing affords, you have a system which acts as a hub spot.  You can extend functionality and plug in what you need as you realize new requirements to drive your business further with the right tools.

Your Requirements Will Change

I work with organizations to implement, customize and adopt a cloud computing strategy.  The process for launching a team typically involves data migration, training, setup and management practices.

As teams mature in their adoption cycle, there are always new requirements which would not be realized earlier.  Cloud computing technologies have a dual benefit of acting not only as functional software in your toolkit, but they also have API‘s, or application programming interfaces, which allow for integration with other software or scripts.

Programming on top of Google Apps opens up possibilities for many more ancillary needs to be met in addition to the core functionality of mail, calendaring, chat, sites and documents.

Plug And Play Marketplace

With a platform and a marketplace, you can anticipate a rich resource to serve you as you continue to push on your business model and processes.  Like buying an iPod, you can find the after market products which enrich your core product experience.

This is a strategy which traditional software systems lack.  The ease of integrating new technologies, trying them out and deciding what fits was not as easy.

There is a momentum effect.  Month over month, you will find new products which were not previously available or thought of.  This allows for opportunity to drive your business further with increasing revenue and productivity.

Furthermore, if there is not an app, you can hire a Google Apps developer and build an integrated application or script to help meet your requirements.

The key is to leverage this powerful platform by remaining agile and flexible.  Your business keeps changing because markets are changing faster than ever.  You can build as you go and know that the power of extensibility will ensure your requirements will have a solution.

What business systems are you seeking to build?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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