Google Apps Strategy Without The IT Headaches

Google Apps allows you to move into cloud computing. The opportunity to grow your business without the IT headaches is a tremendous benefit of working in the cloud.  You are focused on business rather than technology.

Where did the idea of having an IT guy come from?  The IT guy is needed once you decide on having a server in your operations.  Client-server architecture such as Microsoft Exchange relies on you to maintain the connection and troubleshoot the failure points.  These are your resources.  It puts you in the email business.

The question is whether you want to be in the email business.  There is much better use of your time and resources such as:

  • The getting things done business
  • The high responsiveness to your customer business
  • The easy collaboration from anywhere business
  • The integration with my mission critical apps business
  • The knowledge capture business

Results Not Technology

Implementing Google Apps and making it work to drive results is where the focus should be.  It has the combination of simplicity and functionality which allows for easy execution.  The hassles of uptime, upgrades and upkeep are delivered by Google with the resources and focus which would dwarf many businesses.

Having the technology transparent allows your organization to focus on the things that matter.  Cycles are not being spent on IT headaches.

Instead, results can be the focus that dominates your discussions and team collaboration.

Increase Revenue

The velocity by which your team can collaborate and construct deals can be managed effectively within Google Docs, Mail, Chat and Calendar.  The back and forth discussion, the creation of supporting presentations and sales proposition materials and driving sales meetings within a distributed framework can be done with ease and real-time.

Increase Loyalty

With quick and easy design of a Google Site you can create a process for managing projects and consolidated communications within a customized and secure site.  This can be done with each customer seeing their respective information relevant to their account.

Hire Talent Anywhere

Setting up a new person anywhere in the world is easy.  There is no hardware or software to set up.  Your workforce will revolve.  It is the nature of the new economy.  Create new user accounts and specify sharing permissions easily.  Connect them with the people, information and processes of your organization quickly.

Build A Knowledge Base

Your business is a process.  Capture that process within Google Docs and Google Sites.  It becomes an accessible and easy reference point for your team to align.

Grow Your Business

There are many applications to help grow your business.  A key strategy is to ensure your technology is scalable and does not get in your way.  It should be easy, secure and transparent to the real work.  Your users should not have to deal with hassles and also enjoy the tools they use.

In our Google Apps Consulting, we have seen former encumbrances removed and the great benefits of increased speed and collaboration.  It opens up a world which makes business fun and easier.

What does no IT headaches mean for you?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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