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Publishing in the information age is easy and convenient.  Yet, there are still corporate overseers trying to control, rather than grow their talent.  It’s comical that organizations can see the speed and efficiency the internet has afforded everyone around them.  Yet, their strategies are latent because of fear.

The Old Economy

In the industrial age, we all lined up.  We had the factory mindset.  In school, we learned how to be compliant and line up for everything.  It was complete order and control.

Work had the same structure.  We had bosses, hierarchies and cubes all lined up in rows.  We were working hard and waiting our turn because of an information gap.  What those above us knew was held close.  By paying our dues and waiting our turn in line over many years, we could get this special knowledge and access.  Be a good boy or girl and you would be entitled to a promotion.  That was the game.  That was the deal.

When Publishing Became Self-Serve

If you shouted a message in the old days, it might be heard by a small audience depending on your shout and your budget.  You would have to shout loud and work hard.

Today is a different story.  Your thoughts can be published instantly and found readily online.  People are thumbing their mobile devices and consuming content continually.  Publishing in blogs, websites, social media and forums became convenient.  If you have something valuable to offer and to say, then you are found.  You are not hassling with distribution like the old days.

There Is No Line

While there may still be some artificial barriers in corporate policies, your own fears or old mindsets, there is no line.  You don’t have to wait to bring value to the world.  The line is in your head more than it is in reality.

We are in the information age.  Anything we want to learn is accessible.  Knowledge is everywhere.  Putting the pieces together for something valuable is still a challenge, but the access has sped things up and loosened the grip of the old guard.

If information is easy to get and information age publishing allows you unprecedented distribution, then what’s stopping you from changing the world?  You can win more fans, gain more revenue, increase your influence and promote your cause better than ever.

If you are still standing in line, then the relics of the industrial age need to be destroyed in your mind.  Get going with bringing value to the world.  It’s a challenge of leadership and diligence more than it is of convenience, technology or reality.

What have you done with the great opportunity of self publishing today?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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