Buy Now Is Rare

If I have an urgency or an emergency, I have to buy now.  My need is clear and circumstance prevails.  If you are the seller, you are in a great position.

Perhaps your business is built for crisis.  Your buyers’ pain is so high that they have to act now.  Towing services, 911 and root canals work great for buying now.  If you are in such a business, buying now is where the marketing focus should be.

However, for the many products and services that require more deliberation, your strategy needs to facilitate a buy later approach.  No amount of gimmick or salesmanship will cause someone to buy today, especially if your offering is sophisticated.

Nurturing For The Majority

Your buyer will forget about you as they click through the web if you do not engage them with value.  To provide value, nurturing your buyer must come from providing relevant content which educates.

You spend countless hours thinking about your product or service.  In your buyer’s mind, you are a checklist item on the many things they buy.  They don’t think about your stuff as much as you.  They think about their problems.

Nurturing your buyer needs to be focused on getting into their problems, specifically the one that you solve.  Articulating the problem helps the buyer know that you understand.  It opens permission for your advice and expertise.

Educating The Buyer

Assume the buyer knows less than you do about your offering.  Help them understand through the nurturing process with content that educates.  Education is expensive, mainly because it requires attention.  We are all in a marketplace of noise and too much information.  The complexity of your product or service stretches the sales cycle because your buyer will not feel comfortable moving forward without understanding how your stuff works in their world and their problems.

Using a marketing automation strategy which helps your buyer increase in their understanding of your offering is critical to building trust.  It moves the buyer mentally past the objections and mental hurdles.  It also positions your brand and thought leadership.

The sequencing and timing of your content should empower your buyer to have an intelligible discussion with you about your domain.  They become a collaborator in the sales discussion rather than feeling sold.

If you are set up only for the buy now person, then you may be missing the larger segment of buyers ready to buy later.  They constitute a continuous pipeline of business if your nurturing strategy and systems are working.

How do you educate your buyers?


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Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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