Digital Body Language In Your Activities

Digital body language is a large part of activities which are not typically recorded in records.  Sales activities in need to include how your buyer interacts with content.  Within, your sales team ideally has visibility into the the activities of prospects in the pipeline.  Today, the larger part of your prospect’s activities are not seen.  They are digital rather than analog.

Body Language

When you are face-to-face with a person, you have the luxury of measuring how a person is responding to your approaches.  There is a give and take from natural human interaction.  You rely on body language to help you gauge interest, engagement and obstacles.

A layer is removed, yet still tolerable for a good salesperson on the phone.  Inflection, tone and cordiality can still be gauged for inside sales people on a phone or conference call.

All of these activities depend on attention.  Your buyer has to give you their time when you want it. It is the traditional way of selling.  The salesman’s tools were to get a meeting or to get the prospect on the phone.

Each of these activities would be logged in your Lead or Opportunity records.  For team selling, various members of your team can quickly orient themselves to the conversation flow.  The larger challenge was to align salespeople to log every activity – calls, meetings, incidents , etc.

Digital Body Language

In today’s economy, you are blocked out.  You do the same to others.  People don’t pick up the phone because of caller ID.  The sales call is unwelcome because we don’t like being sold.  Some organizations resign themselves to a numbers game.  The failure rate is high, but if you are so focused on selling and figure the cost of interrupting others really lies with someone else on your team or with your prospects, then this old school strategy remains.

All the while, people are still buying.  They are looking for information which they can consume on their time when they want.  Their actions are unseen.  When they scan your content or educate themselves, these are all buying signals that move them further down the pipeline.  Every visit, open, click, download, registration is part of their digital body language. They are buying on self-service rather than your service.  When they are ready, their physical body language may surface.

If buyers that are serious are exhibiting buying signals, then it would be lost opportunity if you are not capturing this, scoring this and driving sales with this.

Your Contact, Lead and Opportunity records should be filled with this information as logged call activities.  These constitute a buyer’s interest and have parallel value to any call or meeting you have.

Furthermore, these actions come from consuming content or reacting to content offers emailed by you.  Those buyers that are active will show higher levels of activities in their record.  These can be scored and prioritized to help you understand who is truly ready for a call.

Digital body language is happening all the time.  Capturing this within your records enlarges your strategy and increases sales efficiency. Getting help to set up this kind of Salesforce flow will increase your sales effectiveness.

What would gauging your unseen buyers’ activities do for your sales process?



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