Google Apps Tasks For Productivity

Google Apps appeals to users because of its elegance and simplicity.  We all have random tasks which need to be captured.  These tasks move us forward with clarity on next steps or a parking place for next steps.  In knowledge work, we need only focus on decisions and actions to drive outcomes.  Having an integrated system which we can operate from in one place in a web browser or mobile device speeds up our execution.

Google Tasks is primarily accessed within your Google Mail or Calendar application.  You have an easy way to capture and complete items that are coming at you quickly all day.  Here are a few best practices for using this aspect of your Google Apps system for increased productivity and collaboration.

Separate Task Lists

Your tasks can be naturally divided into lists.  The speed for creating a task or a list uses minimal amount of clicks or returns.  Simply input lists that make sense and remove what does not.

I like to keep both actions and ideas.  Thoughts come from conversations, reading or just thinking.  Thus, lists like:

  • Ideas
  • Articles
  • Technology
  • Research

all make sense to explore later when it is convenient.  When you are within a context that makes sense, you can review your lists and keep control based on the context of your lists you have created.

Mobile Sync And Cloud Computing

Google Apps is in the cloud.  This means that your data is real-time, managed and maintained by Google and accessible from any internet device.  Ideas come to you.  Tasks become urgent within the frantic pace of your days.  An Android device, iPhone or smartphone have apps which sync your mobile tasks with your Google Tasks. Simply set them up and ensure they sync.

When I have a thought that needs to be captured or an action which comes to mind, I can input this quickly within Google Tasks on my mobile device.  At a computer, I can act online if need be.

The reverse is also true.  You can keep a list of items tracked online and when you are mobile, you can review them when the context is relevant.  Your data persists and can be managed whether you are working online or mobile.

Capture And Review

You likely work from your email throughout the day.  Google Tasks persists as a minimized window popped in the Google Mail interface.  Keeping this up keeps you ready.  You can add any tasks prompted by phone calls, email, or your thoughts.  Any input could trigger a task which has meaning for you.

Use the list to review regularly to keep in touch with what needs to get done.  Eliminate things that are no longer relevant.  Clarify tasks that need more definition so that you have concrete next steps to take.

This tool keeps you moving forward.  Rarely use dates unless there is a true date commitment.  These tasks are associated  with Google Calendar and will show up within your Google Calendar view to prompt you for a day’s commitments.

Streamlined Action

Your personal workflow can step up with Google Tasks acting as a convenient and easy capture of things you need to get done.  The game of knowledge work means remaining flexible, moving fast and translating inputs into action.

With an integrated cloud computing app, you have the opportunity to increase your productivity and keep your systems in sync.

What challenges do you find in managing your tasks daily?


Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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  1. Thanks, Bojan. I like gTasks for its sync capabilities on the android. Using lists within gTasks corresponds with Google Tasks as well. Thanks for the recommendation.

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