Salesforce Workflow With Digital Signatures Get Results

Your Salesforce processes and workflows that have agreements will typically require signatures to move to completion or the next step.  Whether it is a sales contract, a service delivery completion or intellectual property management, the signature process can slow you down.

When it makes sense, we implement document esignature technology like DocuSign in conjunction with other technologies to automate the signature process.  The result is trackable, quicker responses to get to your goals.

Analog Is Old And Slow

Think about your customer and not yourself for a second.  When you send them a document for signature, the following has to happen:

  1. Open the email
  2. Download the attachment
  3. Print the attachment
  4. Circulate it and mark it up
  5. Get revisions
  6. Email back revisions with scanned comments
  7. Receive new email and open
  8. Print new revision
  9. Sign document
  10. Fax the document back

There are multiple bottlenecks in this process.  It used to be acceptable when the world moved slower.  However, in the attention economy, we are pulled in so many different directions.  It is laborious to have to move things off of our screens into the analog world.  Watch people.  See how eager they are to have to fax, copy or scan.

Your customer is in front of their computer moving through a long list of emails and clicking in and out (Just check your HTML open rates).

Click And Agree

If you can stop doing what is traditional, you can gain huge productivity with your team and get compliance from your customers and partners.  Help pave the path for them and make their steps easy.  A digital signature process with DocuSign looks like this:

  1. Open email
  2. Click digital document.
  3. Click.  Signed

The work is done up front building a repeatable process and system integrated into  The digital body language such as opens, clicks, signs and the rest of the breadcrumb trail of your recipient is logged within your Contact and Opportunity records.  Build it once and use it repeatably with ease.

There are other pieces which help to manage a document library, merge field data and generate templated documents.  These need to work with the digital signature technology to create a workflow your users can easily access and execute as well. It’s a process we work with our Salesforce consulting clients on.

What would quick signatures do for you?

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