Using Salesforce Dashboards For Real-Time Execution dashboards offer the single point of intelligently running your business.  Your business should be run in real-time.  In the old days, we relied on someone who would compile information and provide a report, perhaps weekly.  If you run your business this way today, you are dealing with outdated and slow snapshots of information.

Running your business in real-time allows you to quickly make changes.  This places you in a leadership role where you can drive continued refinements with your team.

Imagine having a cup of coffee every morning and looking at your Salesforce dashboard much like looking at the instrument gauges on your car.  You can tell what needs to be done and do something about it quickly much like our Salesforce consulting clients do.  Examples include:

Task Capacity By Person

You can look at a dashboard to see how much work is distributed among your team members.  Redistribute tasks or plan for new hires based on a measurement of the burden on each person.

Sales Pipeline

Examine the real opportunities in your sales pipeline and take action to increase the pipeline or shorten sales cycles.  The review of pipeline information in traditional sales meetings can be done on a daily basis virtually within  Use the dashboards to work with individual sales people and game plan for how to close sales sooner.

Service Delivery And Operations

After someone buys from you, your team has to deliver.  You can monitor how fast and of what quality your service delivery process and team are operating at.  This allows you to effectively manage your operations and make adjustments in real-time.

Furthermore, you will have empirical data for planning headcount and system refinements.  You can see where your process and system can be upgraded for further automation to increase speed, productivity and efficiency.

Real-Time In The Cloud

With cloud computing, your team can be anywhere you can find talent.  Your business can be run continually from a system that everyone is collaborating from without disrupting each other to get things done.

Real-time operations allow you to change quickly as data surfaces.  You can manage your system and your talent quickly and have hard data to support your decisions.

Be sure to use your dashboards to continually stay tuned into the pulse of your business and move with the flow of your data.

What is an ideal dashboard for your business?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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