Targeted Marketing Required

Why would you choose a method other than targeted marketing?  Today, if you are selling and marketing like the old days, then there may be several reasons why you choose mass vs. specific targeted marketing.  Here are some of those reasons:

Ignorance of Targeted Marketing

You do not know about the systems for marketing automation and how an anonymous visitor can be tracked and directed all the way to a sale.

It’s Easier To Manage With Emotion Than Data

Once specific targeted marketing information and results show up, accountability becomes much higher.  It may be preferable to confuse your boss with ambiguity and a lack of information than provide real results that are methodical.

You Think 1% Is A Good Result

You bought a lie which accepts 1% as a norm.  This is an insane number for direct mail, cold calling, advertising and other outbound marketing efforts.  You have been conditioned to see this as normal.  However, 99% failure ticks off a lot of people, damages your brand and is a waste of a lot of money, trees and energy.

You Don’t Think You Can Know Your Buyer

Your future customer is like your past customers.  If you don’t study them or you have the illusion that everyone is your customer, then the lie that pulls you to spend more and splatter the world with wasteful marketing blinds you to opportunity.

You Don’t Care

It’s not about a result.  It’s about being and looking busy.

What Targeted Marketing Can Do To Change Your World

If you care and want to be more strategic rather than random, then you have the opportunity to make your marketing count and connect.  Targeted marketing means that you have:

  • the right message
  • connecting with the right person
  • at the right time

Having the content, the systems and the connection which creates an enticing process for the buyer is both sensible and necessary today to remain competitive.  You spend less and you get more.  You require less resources and you have more predictability.  Month-over-month, your systems are doing the work for you methodically.

Of course, the diligence required to get out of the rat race mindset and into an intelligent way of connecting with your buyer is required.

A targeted marketing approach means you start with strategy.  You focus on buying and work on the individual steps of the buyers’ experience through a system that is set up to educate, position and persuade the buyer.  It is the process of helping a stranger become a friend and building trust with providing value consistently.

Question: What keeps you from implementing targeted marketing strategies?


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Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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