Creative Chaos

Work gets done in a highly non-linear way today.  There are a lot of forces pulling at your attention and the distractions mount to buck you off the saddle of productivity all the time.  It’s not getting easier.

Yet, achievement depends on persistent forward motion around a goal.  How is this possible with all the noise today?  It is quite daunting and elusive for many.  However, it can be an art form which differentiates how you and your organization deliver and execute if you can maintain focus with flexibility.

Creatives Need Chaos And Order

Being a good boy or girl and standing in line were part of the old economy mindset.  It was efficient because time moved slower and the focus was on perfection because change was expensive.  Getting things right and ensuring logical, sequential and disciplined process resulted in fewer mistakes and more on time delivery.

In knowledge work today, work gets pushed on and pulled on as it is managed collaboratively through a delivery cycle.  Input from team members, customers and partners cannot be discounted.  What pushes knowledge work to success is leadership.  It is leadership which maintains continual clarity in chaos and creates order.  This is a creativity which affords you opportunity today if you step up to the plate and are determined to lead.

Segmentation Of Talent

Things are changing more than ever.  Our knowledge economy is continually commoditizing once highly technical talent.  The cost of access and distribution have been driving all kinds of specialized talent to a convenience offering.

What is missing and will always be of high value to organizations are the leaders that can execute and create order within the continual chaos of today’s problems.  It is thinking at the speed of work, which is relentlessly moving faster with more complexity.

Find the leaders that can make the complex simple and execute and you have vast opportunity if you are wise enough to see and value this.  It’s a rarity, indeed.

Question: How do you deliver results in the chaos of knowledge work?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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