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Content is king.  Remarkable content is an ace in the deck.  Marketing traditionally sought to interrupt you and create a visual experience that would catch your attention and cause you to react.  We have been trained to ignore unsolicited messages and block out the noise.


The continual hard work of creating relevant and remarkable content is the anchor to effective marketing today.  Buyers are looking for information.  They share remarkable content with their network in rather easy ways today.

If your writing is boring, then you will be a quick click without any engagement by the buyer.  Building such  has to be a relentless pursuit for anyone serious about building trust with anonymous buyers.  Here are some things to help you in that pursuit:

  1. Discuss Problems.  Be sure to articulate the problem you solve with clarity and passion.  Help buyers to know you identify with their specific pain.  This is the starting point for connection.
  2. Lead. Your writing should carry authority because you know what you are talking about.  Expertise from your immersion in your subject matter needs to unabashedly shine through.  This is leadership.  Ensure your tone helps to communicate confidence to your reader.  Assert your opinions and advice.  Be the leader.
  3. Connect.  Be authentic and be human in your voice.  This helps to connect your writing to the reader who does not know you.
  4. Drive The Point. There needs to be a singular focus to your content pieces.  Ensure that you funnel towards a specific goal and engage the reader to a call to action or a comment.
  5. Write Habitually. Excellent content comes from persistence in writing.  Writing begets good writing over time.  Ensure it is part of your continual method for communicating and stay abreast of current issues.  Writing requires knowledge, thought and leadership.  These should come from your continual growth as a leader.

The rewards for being remarkable range from fanfare to revenue.  Every day, people are searching for content which helps them solve problems and get to their personal goals.  Within this vast universe of information, you cannot afford to shoot for anything less than remarkable.

How is content part of your strategy?  Feel free to comment below.


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Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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